Contact us

You can post a bug report on the Gitlab issue tracker (requires a free Gitlab account).

You can post your message or bug report on the public mailing list.

For specific questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email. Our username is mwetoolkit and the email provider is Google mail, can you guess our email address? ;-)

We always welcome new contributors. If you are looking for an internship, a software development project in Python, etc. please tell us and we can try to come up with an interesting project topic for you.

The Toolkit Developers

The mwetoolkit is developed and maintained by:

Previous contributors (and their contributions)

  • Manon Scholivet (CRF tagger)
  • Vitor de Araujo (C indexer, tests, etc.)
  • Abdelali Dyany (GUI)
  • Joseph Jonathan (GUI)
  • Sandra Castellanos (Spanish tests, doc)
  • Maite Dupont (
  • Victor Yoshiaki Miyai (
  • Venera Arnaoudova (

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